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The Memory

For over 10 years we have been designing and creating memorable experiences, providing companies, entrepreneurs and retailers with advice and eco-friendly products to promote their brand.

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“A dream is not real. Dream's memory is.”


The Connections

Winner was born to create physical and emotional connections between brands, events and people.

Our mission is to overcome the concept of advertising material, providing our customers with a service that allows them to find the best formula, sustainable and tangible, for their Brand promotion and turn every event and every object into an opportunity to tell their story.

“We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”


WAM - Winner Adaptive Method®️

Our effectiveness and dynamism is guaranteed by our original method named WAM®️. A unique approach to consultancy for Brands that pivoting around 2 key moments: listening and adaptation.

Ascolto Dinamico

Incontri diretti, domande mirate ed acquisizione del “linguaggio Brand”

Analisi Multidimensionale

Matrice decisionale per esplorare più possibilità contemporaneamente

Studio Adattivo

Drafting di proposte mirate,
arricchite da stimoli creativi

Soluzione Aperta

La Soluzione Aperta è la base per la ricezione di un feedback di valore che consente di riadattare la proposta ed elevarne i contenuti

Corporate Social Responsibility

In Winner's philosophy, carried out actions convey a meaning.

For this reason, quality certifications, as well as responsibility towards the environment, customers, suppliers and employees, are the pillars of our idea of trust.

Social Responsibility


Qualitative Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Environmental Responsibility

Qualitative Responsibility

Transparency and Compliance

Winner sensitivity and values have led the company to integrate and extend its Management System through appropriate monitoring tools.

As an ethical company, our main interest is the prevention of corruptive phenomena and the constant promotion of a culture of legality.

Anti-Corruption Policy

Report form for illegal activity