Winner Italia


1) The Brief
The dialogue between the parties is very important to reach the final aim: the utmost satisfaction of the customer. For this reason our Key Account will start from the analysis of the marketing aims and the needs of the customer for the messages to communicate, budjet demands, time and operational restrictions to briefly supply a reply as targeted as possible.

2) The creative phase
The Key Account, facing with its working group coordinated by a Project manager will elaborate the proposals. A group of specialized creatives in the promotional articles and in the awards, allows us to share the know how on the best case histories at a global level.

3)The first proposal
Once developped the most interesting ideas they bill be shown to the customer with which are discussed also eventual modifications to do.

4) The final proposal and the prototypes
After having discussed the eventual modifications it is shown to the customer the final proposal and are defined all the other details. The customer makes the order, that will be subordinated to the approval of the physical sample of pre-production.

5) The suitability cecks and the certifications
If you deal with creations to realize ad hoc, before starting the production, through laboratories and specialized certifying bodies (Bureau Veritas, SGS, Intertek, Institute of the toy), there is an attentive analysis of the materials, of their composition, and of the production’s procedures with the aim to certify the conformity with the actual European legislation. Instead if you deal with stock products, all the proposed articles have appropriate certifications and are at the disposal of the customer.

6) The production and the delivery
After the sample’s approval from the customer, the production starts. Each order is closely monitored by our supervisors who follow the different phases of working and verify the eligibility criteria before the sending to the customer.